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Bubsy - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is an cartoon pilot episode for an animated series sponsored by Taco Bell[1], aired in November 28th, 1993. The pilot was animated by Calico Creations and created by John A.S. Skeel, Stanford Blum, Tom Burton and Ray De Laurentis. It was never picked up for a full series due to negative reviews.

It was released as part of the Super Bubsy game on Windows 95.


Character Voice actor
Bubsy Rob Paulsen
Arnold Pat Fraley
Terry Tress MacNeille
Terri B.J. Ward
Oblivia Tress MacNeille
Virgil Pat Fraley
Buzz Neil Ross
Sid Jim Cummings
Ally B.J. Ward


  • The pilot was created by the same company who made Widget The World Watcher and The New Adventures of Zorro.
  • On the Bubsy Fanblog, Michael Berlyn said the Accolade developers were cringing while they watched the pilot. Even though, they were involved of the production of it.


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