Bubsy II is a game developed by Accolade originally released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy, and re-released for PC through Steam on December 17, 2015 in the Bubsy Two-Fur compilation. It's the sequel to Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, and the second game in the Bubsy series.

During development the game was subtitled as "Bubsy 2: Still No Pants!".[1] A port to the Sega Game Gear was worked on, but was not released.[2]


The plot is a crazy doctor, Oinker P. Hamm, has created a theme park, the Amazatorium, that is stealing historical events. Bubsy brings his nephew and his niece to the park, so it is up to him and his friend, Arnold the Armadillo, to stop the doctor and close the Amazatorium.

The game plays very similar to the prior game in the series, as a 2D sidescrolling platformer. Unlike the first game where playing through the stages is linear, in Bubsy 2 the player gets to choose stages. The player must still maneuver Bubsy through the level through jumping and gliding, and Bubsy still collects objects, only now they're "orbs" instead of "yarnballs". The game did feature a little more variety than its predecessor. One new feature in the game was the ability to shoot a Nerf gun. A multiplayer mode was added as well, where a second player could control one of Bubsy's younger relatives.


Development for the game started as early as a few months prior to the release of the first Bubsy game, with team members coming up with three possible scenarios for the game, none of them involving the first game's antagonists "The Woolies". The sequel moved into full production after the first game was released and was a commercial success.[6] However, a different new development team headed by designer Cyndi Kirkpatrick was responsible for making the game, without original designer Michael Berlyn's assistance. Like the original, the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo version are virtually identical, however, the Game Boy version is drastically different, with different level design and only black and white graphics, unless played on a Super Game Boy, which applied very basic coloring.


  • In an interview with Michael Berlyn it was reported that designer of Bubsy 2, Cyndi Kirkpatrick, stabbed a pencil into the head of a Bubsy plush and hung the plush by the neck in hatred of the Bubsy character.

Game Codes

Game Boy

  • Pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Select, A, A, B, B. Invincibility


  • B - Up - B - B - A 50 Lives
  • B - Left - Up - B 99 Diving Suits
  • B - A - Left - Left 99 Nerf Shots
  • Right - Up - B - B 99 Portal Holes
  • C, C, Up, Down, C 99 Smart Bombs
  • Up, A, A, A, Down All Levels Complete
  • C - A - B - C - Up - Down Invincibility Mode
  • B - A - B - C Max Height Jumps
  • Up, C, C, C, Down x2 Higher Jumps

Super Nintendo

  • B, Up, B, Select, Y 50 Lives
  • B, Left, Up, B 99 Diving Suits
  • B, A, Left, Left 99 Nerf Bazooka Shots
  • Right, Up, Select, Select 99 Portable Holes
  • X, X, Up, Down, X 99 Smart Bombs
  • Up, A, A, A, Down All Levels Complete
  • Up, Y, Y, Y, Down High Jump
  • X, A, B, Y, Up, Down Invulnerability
  • B, A, B, Y Jump Frenzy




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