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Bubsy II is a Game Boy port of Bubsy II for Sega Genesis and for Super Nintendo.


The story is the same as the original, but it is of course different in gameplay. It has a different level design, it has black and white graphics and it has slow frame rate.


When they released Bubsy II for Sega Genesis and for Super Nintendo, they decided to port it on the Game Boy and on the Sega Game Gear. The Game Boy port was published, but not the Game Gear port.

Bubsy II for Game Boy and Sega Game Gear (Credits)

It was released in North America on July 10th 1995 by Accolade and in Europe on December 12th 1994 by Telstar. [1] So it looks like, that it was first released in Europe, because it was produced by Images Software in England.

Bubsy II (Game Boy, Europe)


  • This port has a weapon, that the original doesn't have, even though, it supposed to have in the original plan: a pie.
  • When you put it on a Super Game Boy, it applied very basic coloring.



Bubsy Bobcat II-Gameboy


Bubsy 2 (Game Boy)

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