"What could possibly go wrong?"

-Bubsy's most famous catchphrase

Bubsy T. Bobcat is the main protagonist of the platformer game franchise, Bubsy.

Created by Michael Berlyn, Bubsy served as the mascot for Accolade during the 90s. Bubsy has been voiced by Brian SilvaRob Paulsen, Lani Minella, and Dan Castellaneta.


Bubsy is a wise-cracking, anthropomorphic Bobcat (or Mountain Cat in Japan)[1] that believes himself as a hero despite usually making things worst and fixing them by mistake. Bubsy owns the worlds largest yarn collection, which made him the target of the woolies who seeked out more yarn for their home planet Rayon. He has an (Reluctant) Sidekick named Arnold, who is also his pet.

Bubsy's only known relatives are his nephew and niece Terry and Terri. Taking this in mind, Bubsy has a unknown brother/sister who has never been mentioned in any comics or games.

Oblivia has shown a interest in Bubsy romantically, but Bubsy does not share these feelings with her.


During the 90s, the platformer game was dominant game genre at the time. The release of Sonic the Hedgehog to challenge Mario's dominance of the platforming genre during the Console Wars between Nintendo and Sega led other game companies to attempt to cash in on the mascot platformer niche.

One such company was Accolade, which needed its own mascot platformer to represent them. Accolade would turn to Michael Berlyn to design them a mascot and a game for this mascot.[2] Michael Berlyn inspiration for Bubsy (both the character and overall gameplay of the Bubsy series) was based off Sonic the Hedgehog, which Michael Berlyn played on average 14 hours a day.[3]

Bubsy's gender and species was not originally concrete in early artwork, eventually however, Bubsy would be depicted as a male bobcat.[4] Bubsy was originally going to wear green tennis shoes, but these were cut.[5]

Bubsy the Bobcat


  • Bubsy has been voiced by 4 different people in 5 different games. (Brian Silva, Rob Paulsen, Lani Minella, Dan Castellaneta.).
  • Bubsy was originally going to wear green tennis shoes in early concept art. It is likely these were removed as to not make Bubsy look similar to Sonic. Though Bubsy is seen wearing shoes in the upcoming 2019 release game, Bubsy: Paws on Fire.


  • Is there a veterinarian in the house?
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • Nothing can stop me now!
  • Pilot's license? What for?
  • Oh sure, let's all torture the Bubster.
  • Now, what would a platform game be without platforms hmm. I wonder if there's any extra lives up there?
  • One woolie out, and a lot more to go!
  • Whatever blows your hair back.
  • Wow, you're still playing this game?

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