"Keep it up, just keep it up!"-Bubsy

Oblivia is a white domestic feline that appeared in the Bubsy pilot. She was intended to be the 'love interest' for the series. In the starting cutscene of Paws on Fire on the outside gym wall can be seen spray painted "Oblivia was here".


Oblivia is Virgil's assistant who shows a romantic interest in Bubsy despite barely knowing him. Not much besides this is known about her.

She has a running joke where she constantly mispronounces Bubsy's name despite being corrected by him (ex: 'Booby').


  • Her name is possibly a mix of 'Oblivious' and 'Olivia', due to her being oblivious to Bubsy's disinterest in her and his name.
  • She is voiced by B. J. Ward.
  • Original concept by Michael Berlyn, inspired by a relative.
  • Oblivia mentioned in the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog interview with Michael Berlyn. (53:00 and 1:33:00 time marks in the video)
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